PhD Students

Alumni (during my MIT time)

  • Haochen Zhang (Spring 2018, Visiting student from Tsinghua University)
  • Rajeev Parvathala (Jun 2018, M.Eng., MIT)
  • Melanie Weber (Summer 2017, summer exchange student, Princeton Applied Math)
  • Lingfu Zhang (2015-16, SuperUROP, EECS / Math)
  • Flora Tan (SuperUROP, EECS, 2015-16)
  • Hayley Song (SuperUROP, EECS, 2015-16)
  • Alexander Amini (UROP, EECS, MIT, Summer 2015)

Current Visitors

External PhD students advised on some projects

Theses supervised

  • Chengtao Li (Masters thesis; CSAIL, MIT; 2016; jointly with Stefanie Jegelka)
  • Zelda Mariet (Masters thesis; CSAIL, MIT; 2016)
  • Johannes Kitschke (Masters thesis; RWTH Aachen; 2015; jointly with Paolo Bientinesi)

Thesis Examiner / Ph.D. committee member

Past interns and students (non MIT)

  • Samaneh Azadi (EECS, UC Berkeley)
  • Anoop Cherian (MPI-IS)
  • Carlos M. Gudin (MPI-IS)
  • Radha Chitta (MPI-IS)
  • Namhyoung Kim (MPI-IS)
  • Rashish Tandon (MPI-IS)