Suvrit Sra
Photo credit: Misha Sra
Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems (LIDS) and Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
I am also a member of Machine Learning@MIT

Mailing address
77 Massachusetts Ave, 32-D580, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139
 suvrit at     617-253-3816

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[17.11.2015]Preprint Diversity Networks
[18.09.2015]Preprint Inequalities via elementary symmetric polynomial monotonicity
[07.09.2015]Preprint arXiv version of Efficient structured low rank minimization
[07.09.2015]Preprint on Efficient Sampling for K-Determinantal Point Processes
[07.09.2015]Paper on Positive definite matrices and the S-Divergence to appear in Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.
[04.09.2015]OPTML++: Running the OPTML++ research seminar plus reading group
[04.09.2015] Paper on Manifold optimization for mixture models accepted to NIPS 2015
[04.09.2015] Paper on Asynchronous variance reduced stochastic gradient accepted to NIPS 2015
[20.08.2015] Preprint on Delay sensitive distributed optimization (with A. W. Yu, M. Li, A. J. Smola)
[17.08.2015] Preprint on Sum-of-squared logarithms inequality; (with L. Borisov, P. Neff, and C. Thiel)
[14.08.2015] Announcement! OPT2015: Optimization for Machine Learning, NIPS, Montreal is happening!
[29.07.2015] Preprint on Matrix square roots via geometric optimization
[13.07.2015] Talk on Conic geometric optimisation at ISMP, 2015
[10.07.2015] Preprint on Riemannian dictionary learning and sparse coding (with A. Cherian)
[24.06.2015] Preprint on Manifold optimization for mixture models (with R. Hosseini)
[24.06.2015] Paper (short) on A proof of Thompson's determinantal inequality to appear in Mathematical Notes
[23.06.2015] Preprint on Variance reduction in stochastic gradient and asynchronous algorithms (with Sashank Reddy, Ahmed Hefny, Barnabas Poczos, Alex Smola)
[16.06.2015] Lecturing at the MSR Summer School on Machine Learning, Bangalore
Lecture slides are now available
[17.05.2015] Paper on Inequalities for normalized Schur functions accepted to European Journal of Combinatorics (my first combinatorics paper!)
[12.05.2015] Paper on Operator Hlawka-like inequalities on positive definite tensors (with Wolfgang Berndt) to Linear Algebra and its Applications (LAA)
[12.05.2015] Paper on efficient randomized coordinate descent algorithms for non separable constrained optimization (deterministic, stochastic, asynchronous) (with Sashank Reddy, Ahmed Hefny, C. Downey, A. Dubey), accepted to Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2015)
[26.04.2015] Paper on efficiently learning determinantal point processes (with Z. Mariet). accepted to ICML'15. Incidentally, this paper was written during my first two weeks at MIT with an MIT student!
[04.04.2015] Preprint new version of: Explicit diagonalization of an anti-triangular Cesaró matrix
[02.04.2015] Paper: Official version: Conic geometric optimization with R. Hosseini, SIAM Journal on Optimization (SIOPT) is now available online.
[13.03.2015] Talk: Speaking about Schur functions at the MIT Combinatorics Seminar!!
[01.03.2015] Preprint: Proof of a conjecture in combinatorics: On inequalities for normalized Schur functions
[22.01.2015] Paper: Conic geometric optimisation on the manifold of positive definite matrices (with R. Hosseini) accepted for publication to SIAM J. Optimization
[Jan 2015] Paper: Data Modeling with the Elliptical Gamma Distribution; upcoming in AISTATS 2015
[16.01.2015] Moved to MIT!


[25.12.2014]Looking for a candidate interested in working on a (paid) potentially high-impact and novel industrial project on machine learning for healthcare informatics. Please email me if you are interested
[2014]Serving on Program Committees for KDD 2015
[2014]Serving on Program Committees for ICML 2015
[21.11.2014]Preprint Updated version of: Conic geometric optimisation on the manifold of positive definite matrices
[17.11.2014]Preprint Updated version of: Hlawka-Popoviciu inequalities on positive definite tensors
[16.11.2014]SoftwareFast total-variation toolbox now on github!
[29.10.2014] New preprints
  Efficient structured matrix rank minimization (convex optimization, compressed sensing)
  Statistical inference with elliptical distributions (nonconvex optimization, mixture modeling)
  Super fast modular total-variation optimization! (see also: TV webpage)
  Hlawka inequalities on positive definite tensors (hypergraph cut style operator inequalities)
  Completely strong superadditivity of generalized matrix functions (if you like matrix submodularity!)
  Explicit diagonalization of a Cesaró/Markov matrix (min / max kernels, operator norms)
  Asynchronous Parallel Block-Coordinate Frank-Wolfe (large-scale parallel convex optimization)
  Randomized coordinate descent methods with linear constraints (work in progress)
[20.09.2014]I'm moving to MIT in January 2015!
[29.07.2014]Website moved to AWS
[17.07.2014]PreprintNew arXiv version of Conic geometric optimisation on the manifold of positive definite matrices
[15.06.2014]PaperRiemannian sparse coding, ECCV 2014
[01.06.2014]Wow, I've already left CMU! so quickly it went by!!!
[30.05.2014]PaperFast Newton methods for the group fused lasso, New Uncertainty in AI (UAI 2014)
[25.04.2014]PaperRobust sparse hashing, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
[13.04.2014]PaperRandomized nonlinear component analysis (ICML 2014)
[15.03.2014]Serving as an Area Chair for NIPS 2014
Jan 2014Teaching Advanced Optimization at CMU from Jan 13 onwards!
[02.01.2014]Serving as Associate Editor for Optimization Methods and Software

2013 and older

[27.12.2013]Preprint new arXiv version of Positive definite matrices and the S-Divergence
[11.12.2013]Paper Stochastic ADMM (ICML 2014)
[10.12.2013]Preprint new arXiv version of Positive definite matrices and the symmetric Stein divergence
[04.12.2013]Preprint arXiv version of S. Sra, R. Hosseini, "Conic geometric optimisation on the manifold of positive definite matrices"
[19.11.2013]Preprint arXiv version of S. Jegelka, F. Bach, S. Sra, "Reflection methods for submodular optimization"
[25.10.2013]Paper in IMA J. Numerical Analysis Correlation matrix nearness and completion under observation uncertainty
[05.09.2013]Serving as an Area Chair for ICML 2014
[05.09.2013]Serving on the Senior PC for AISTATS 2014
[04.09.2013]Paper (with S. Jegelka, F. Bach) Reflection methods for submodular optimization
[04.09.2013]Paper (with R. Hosseini) Geometric optimisation for positive definite matrices
[01.09.2013]Visiting ML Dept., School of CS, Carnegie Mellon University for 2 semesters!
[21.05.2013]EE227A is over! Hopefully my lecture notes will be available soon!
[15.03.2013]Serving as an Area Chair for NIPS 2013
[22.01.2013]Teaching EE227A: Convex Optimization, EECS, UC Berkeley
[08.12.2012]Talk Presented a short version of my new distance function at the NIPS Workshop on "Algebraic Topology and Machine Learning"
[01.12.2012]Paper Similarity computations on positive definite matrices for fast nearest neighbor search. IEEE TPAMI
[07.09.2012]Paper The multivariate Watson distribution: Maximum likelihood and other aspects" in J. Multivariate Analysis
[03.09.2012]Paper Large-scale nonconvex nonsmooth optimization
[03.09.2012]Paper A new distance metric on the manifold of positive definite matrices
[24.06.2012]Talk Speaking @ the NIMS Hot Topics Workshop on Positive Matrices and Operators at KNU, Daegu, Korea
Jun 2013Award. My work on Metric Nearness was selected to receive the SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize, 2011
2012Book on Optimization for Machine Learning (co-edited with S. Nowozin and S. J. Wright; Publisher: MIT Press) is available here. Here are links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble